Wishbone Canine Rescue

Meet the Dogs

All of the dogs below are apart of the Wishbone canine rescue in Bloomington, il. Few are not available for adoption, yet being able to see these dogs gives me the hope someone will see their next best friend.

I’m so thankful

Being able to capture the pictures of these dogs was a great OPPORTUNITY, and (for it being my first rescue photos) i’m glad the staff was so welcoming. The focus of the volunteers on the dogs was amazing, they were there for the dogs. The few people I was able to talk to a few seconds due to few minutes of AVAILABILITY on their part were very nice, and immediately began pointing out their favorite dog at the rescue. It was sweet, even when having a casual conversation their main focus was still, the dogs.

A few moments that I enjoyed from the rescue were…

  • meeting goldie, our first dog of the day, starting the day off right with a happy, wiggly, older dog that loved the limelight
  • Tussling with Lane & Noah as they found each new toy in their pen, bouncing around and enjoying the attention as almost every time the toys decided to bounce right through the holes in the fence.
  • Conversations with volunteers
  • Seeing an adoption meeting take place
  • Meeting with multiple different personality’s of dogs

This won’t be the last time I visit Wishbone Canine Rescue, I’m already thinking about the next time I plan to visit them and meet with all the new faces that will come in. Other plans within the adoption rates rising part of Leashed Animal Photography is planning to meet with other shelters when the spring time takes a full swing, new scenery, new dogs, and new confidence in the business will be taking a foot as spring moves on.

Fake Services Dogs

The Purpose of a Service Dog?

A service dog is used for assistance, whether that hit the spectrum of disabilities or anxiety factors. They are specifically trained to help people, and relief them of duties that may not be able to be accomplished by them. This can include detecting seizures, low insulin levels, and the symptoms of a soon to happen anxiety attack.

“Why does it matter if the dog is trained or not? My dog knows me well enough to sense if something is wrong..”

Your dog may be used to you, but the difference in training a dog for specific skills and your dog’s ‘amazing honing skills’, can make the difference between being able to survive your situation or not. A dog does not immediately become a service dog once the vest is put on, and this point can be proven due to the ability of anyone being able to purchase a ‘service dog’ vest off of amazon.

This option on amazon was not meant for people off the street being able to make the decision that suddenly their dog is well-trained enough to be the next best rescue dog. It was meant if someone lost their vest, a new trainee was officially allowed to wear one, or a vest got damaged and needed replaced.

Is this article really going to change the thought of someone wanting to do this themselves?

No, but I do hope that people will be able to see the videos and other articles that show that this choice can be damaging to real service dog families. One wrong decision and suddenly their is a fight in the mall when the real service dog, and fake service dog meet. There is no touching, there is no addressing, people know the rules from the age of being child. Yet, choices are made that can lead to injury between pet, and person.

If you see the vest, don’t touch.”

Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot

A special occasion, as the snow falls. Photo’s, of course, are being taken. The snow gives photo’s that extra oomph that editing can’t quite compete with yet. You can try, adding in fake snow and fake backgrounds. It’s not the same. Snow has the special glint that somehow makes the dog’s, or other pet’s, coat gleam. Sometimes, it even made them look a little happier. As a frolic through snow drifts, and eat, and eat snow. Which later, if your pet is anything like my pet. Snow gives them a little bit of gas.

Seeing other people post about their pets playing in the snow, shows that this isn’t just true for me. The snow ‘gleam’, not the gas. In one of my photos, a Black Labradane couldn’t sit still. He was having a ball, not giving a care in the world about how wet his paws were getting, or if he was beginning to smell like wet dog. He was digging around, just enjoying himself. Then I snapped this photo.

He looked right at the camera, which seems to be a rare phenomenon in pet photography. And the leaves behind him seemed to glow, his eyes matching that same glow. As if it were true, snow gives photo’s an extra chance. Summer photos can be just as good, yet seeing this almost made my heart skip a beat. I took this photo? The small-town photographer that is just hoping to inspire people that anyone can make a business, took a photo that almost looks professional.

I couldn’t believe it when I checked back on the screen to make sure the same thing my eyes saw was now captured into a permanent memory. I had hit my motto, ‘capturing memories’. Maybe someone else may not see a story behind this photo. That this dog is an adoptee, and that he was going to be put down because he had a peeing problem at 7 months old. That this dog refuses to let someone hug someone else, without being in the middle. And that he’ll join right into the conversation if he doesn’t agree, even if we don’t understand him yet.

Every photo has it’s own story. Sometimes you just have to tell it.

Weather Paw

Just looking up the simple statement, ‘How to protect your pets paws?’, shows how much thought (if too much) has been put into protecting a pet’s paws.

  • Can I put Vaseline on my dog’s paws?
  • How can I moisturize my dog’s paws?
  • How do I keep snow off my dog’s paws?
  • Can dog paws freeze in the snow?

Winter Wonderland photo shoot featuring, Dominick & Belle (yellow Labrador Retrievers).

Can I put Vaseline on my dog’s paws?

According to, Vaseline or cooking spray can be used in order to prevent the paws from drying out and cracking.

How can I moisturize my dog’s paws?

Regular lotions SHOULD NOT be used on dog paws. A lotion formulated for dog paws, or Shea butter can be used on elbows, noses, paws, and other patches that may be irritated from being dry.

How do I keep snow off my dog’s paws?

Balm, booties, and being aware of your pet’s paw state. Always check/wipe paws after pet has been outside due to the chance of salt or other objects that may cause trauma may, be wedged in the paws or fur between the toes.

Can dog paws freeze in the snow?

Dangerous conditions like freezing rain, slush, or ice can cause damage to a dog’s paws if not taken care of, or left out in weather.

According to Cesar Millian, a dog behaviorist with many years of experience says, “Winter can be brutal on our dog’s paw pads. Exposed to the elements and toxic chemicals, the paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, trauma, frostbite and chemical burns.”

So, how can you actually protect a pet’s paws from the snow? It all varies on the animal, and whether they’re accustomed to the weather or not. Do you put the little booties on your cat, can you use balm on a donkey’s hooves, or just put de-icier on your pet and be done with it.

Well, if we talk about dogs. The easiest way to protect a dog’s paws is booties, a piece of fabric that then can be connected to it’s self to keep a strong, protective layer on your pet’s paws. If a dog refuses to wear the booties then you should always start with prepping the paw from the cold, an applied balm will become a protective barrier from the snow, and de-icier on the streets/sidewalks. Balm should not be kept on after the walk because of the de-icier and other salts still being on the foot, the dog’s paws should be wiped/washed off in order to keep pets’ from licking off the toxic materials that can later cause indigestion.