Blue Box

Materials in the ‘Blue Box’


In order to keep your pet comfortable, and make them comfortable with me. Tricks may also be rewarded if okayed with owner, owner may also supply own treats in order to keep pet safe and comfortable.


In case yours breaks, we want your pet to be safe as much as you do and without any extra leash/collar on hand we could lose time on the session, leading to less captured memorable moments.


Some dogs consider toys as a ‘peace offering’, we want your dog to be comfortable with us in order to capture pictures that show your dog’s true personality.

Poop Bags

In case our location is not your home, we want to always be prepared. Meaning that being prepared for you is also apart of our agenda, we don’t want to waste time or waste your money.


Water is always needed, for dogs and humans. Multiple water bottles for you, and your pet will be supplied. The dog water bottle will be put into an easy access ‘bowl’ connected to the water bottle in order to save from unneeded weight, and  keep you get from chewing on objects that shouldn’t be chewed on.

A Danvers high-school student, that has joined a CEO program to gain new connections, and become a good representative of leadership to her class, friends, and everyone she meets. She is a writer, research-fanatic, and lover of animals. Currently involved in volleyball, soccer, and almost every football game she can make it to. Having the opportunity to be in CEO, and create Leashed Animal Photography has shown Lexi the world of business in a new perspective.