May 17th, 2006. The day Golden Belle was born, a yellow Labrador retriever inside a fenced in yard. Soon enough she was bought, under the wrong age, with rocks and worms in her belly. But, her caretakers would not make her life boring.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard…” – Winnie the Pooh

12 long, bouncy years.
Golden Belle
Breed: Yellow Lab
Eye color: Brown
Fur Color: Blonde
Achievements: Cancer SURVIVOR, mother of 22
Age: 12, Deceased

My dog, Golden Belle, passed away recently. A week before my CEO trade show, and it couldn’t of been harder. She went in for a too long running bladder infection, it just wouldn’t go away. And Belle couldn’t hold her bladder any longer, it was hard to watch her go through it. Being able to hear her teeth chatter and only being able to give her medication in hopes it would make her feel better.

When Belle made it to the vet I was at a baseball game, taking photos for the families. Not even thinking that, that morning would be the last time I saw my first dog.

Belle had cancer. And, lots of it. A mass in her abdomen was so large, it moved her organs down and, she hadn’t passed her morning food. It was rough, and I’m glad my mom was there for her. Coming home to family, and my other dog seemed to make everything surreal. My dog was gone, and now left of her is the captured memories from Leashed Animal Photography and the memories from when I was young, things that will never be forgotten.

A Danvers high-school student, that has joined a CEO program to gain new connections, and become a good representative of leadership to her class, friends, and everyone she meets. She is a writer, research-fanatic, and lover of animals. Currently involved in volleyball, soccer, and almost every football game she can make it to. Having the opportunity to be in CEO, and create Leashed Animal Photography has shown Lexi the world of business in a new perspective.