The trade show was a hit, and a great confidence booster. I feel like after the entire class I learned the most from the trade show, communication skills wise. I feel I made many connections and a large impact on some of the people I talked to, and I could feel how proud of me that they were even though I barely knew any of them. People were excited for me. Before the trade show we had time to talk, snack, setup, laugh. Which I thought was a perfect nerve diffuser, and I’m going to miss that about my class. How much we got along and how well we would pull together when we needed to.

And, I thank Britta for that. She kept us together and lets us cool down when we needed it. We are children in an adult class, so it makes sense to treat us as adults, yet she would give us that free 10 minutes to relax and show our true personalities, and our true passions. Thank you Britta, for being my facilitator, a leader, someone I can look up to, and someone I know I can trust in the future. You will long live in my memory with this class and how much you did for us, I greatly appreciate it. Do great things, and inspire the future in the CEO students, and other people you casually meet. Because that is what you do, and keep it that way. CEO was an amazing opportunity for me and I’m so glad I took it, people still see me as the chick with no first block so I get to sleep in now compared to when they need to get to school. But, that’s fine by me because other students now see me as the girl that started her own business in high school and got to leave school all time to learn in a non-classroom setting. I’m really going to miss being apart of this class, and not being able to talk to the people as much. I will still stay close with some of the students but it won’t be anything like meeting at 7:30 every weekday morning, or getting breakfast, or handing out flyers.

I wish the new members luck. You will hit low points in this class and the bags under your eyes will get darker, but it is worth it in the long-run. Take advantage of your connections, and use the CEO to the best of your ability because now it will take you places as people learn more and more about what we are, and what we do. Be proud of yourself, you get the opportunity to be apart of something that is changing our ever growing population. We are the thinkers, we are the do-ers, and we will keep this world going as long as we believe in ourselves.

Future CEO students, be brave, think hard, and become the best you, you can be.

This is the final excerpt from my CEO journal, a journal that we had to turn in every monday before 3pm which had to include a review of the week and what we learned. I was looking to write a tear-JERKIER. But, the feelings began to come out the moment I began writing. I couldn’t help it, I would no longer see my friends from different schools, or my FACILITATOR, or the people of lincoln that I had made a deep connection with.

It’s already weird, not going to lincoln every morning. I miss the morning jam sessions, loading up on caffeine, and the deep talks that could come after we all took our nap, EXCLUDING the driver. I’m really going to miss everything from this class because it was definitely worth it.

One last thank you, to midland, for making this possible.

A Danvers high-school student, that has joined a CEO program to gain new connections, and become a good representative of leadership to her class, friends, and everyone she meets. She is a writer, research-fanatic, and lover of animals. Currently involved in volleyball, soccer, and almost every football game she can make it to. Having the opportunity to be in CEO, and create Leashed Animal Photography has shown Lexi the world of business in a new perspective.