When I have a camera in my hand, I have no fear.

being able to go around and take more and more photos than just then what is only focused on in the business makes my life more INTERESTING. Example, the photo above is from a jv baseball game that I attended before i went to wishbone. I wanted to be able to play with my camera enough that i could take a photo fast enough to capture beautiful pictures of the dogs. I wanted to make the wishbone volunteers happy, so what better to do than go to a game that includes high speeding balls, constantly moving boys, and moments that might never be forgotten by them.

They ignored me, which i was glad about. I wanted to see the boys play without them worrying about impressing the camera, they played their game. I have attended a few more baseball games since then, not always taking photos but soaking up the game, but sometimes taking photos to make the parents happy when i put the link up on facebook, or send an album to one of the boys so they know they weren’t forgotten in a certain play. This game gave me the thought of, ‘maybe i won’t always stick to animals’, Leashed Animal Photography may one day become Lexi Hoffman Photography, or Hoffman Ink like my original idea for the business.

Thank you Olympia Baseball Team for giving me this opportunity to improve on my photography skills.

A Danvers high-school student, that has joined a CEO program to gain new connections, and become a good representative of leadership to her class, friends, and everyone she meets. She is a writer, research-fanatic, and lover of animals. Currently involved in volleyball, soccer, and almost every football game she can make it to. Having the opportunity to be in CEO, and create Leashed Animal Photography has shown Lexi the world of business in a new perspective.