Meet the Dogs

All of the dogs below are apart of the Wishbone canine rescue in Bloomington, il. Few are not available for adoption, yet being able to see these dogs gives me the hope someone will see their next best friend.

I’m so thankful

Being able to capture the pictures of these dogs was a great OPPORTUNITY, and (for it being my first rescue photos) i’m glad the staff was so welcoming. The focus of the volunteers on the dogs was amazing, they were there for the dogs. The few people I was able to talk to a few seconds due to few minutes of AVAILABILITY on their part were very nice, and immediately began pointing out their favorite dog at the rescue. It was sweet, even when having a casual conversation their main focus was still, the dogs.

A few moments that I enjoyed from the rescue were…

  • meeting goldie, our first dog of the day, starting the day off right with a happy, wiggly, older dog that loved the limelight
  • Tussling with Lane & Noah as they found each new toy in their pen, bouncing around and enjoying the attention as almost every time the toys decided to bounce right through the holes in the fence.
  • Conversations with volunteers
  • Seeing an adoption meeting take place
  • Meeting with multiple different personality’s of dogs

This won’t be the last time I visit Wishbone Canine Rescue, I’m already thinking about the next time I plan to visit them and meet with all the new faces that will come in. Other plans within the adoption rates rising part of Leashed Animal Photography is planning to meet with other shelters when the spring time takes a full swing, new scenery, new dogs, and new confidence in the business will be taking a foot as spring moves on.

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