The Purpose of a Service Dog?

A service dog is used for assistance, whether that hit the spectrum of disabilities or anxiety factors. They are specifically trained to help people, and relief them of duties that may not be able to be accomplished by them. This can include detecting seizures, low insulin levels, and the symptoms of a soon to happen anxiety attack.

“Why does it matter if the dog is trained or not? My dog knows me well enough to sense if something is wrong..”

Your dog may be used to you, but the difference in training a dog for specific skills and your dog’s ‘amazing honing skills’, can make the difference between being able to survive your situation or not. A dog does not immediately become a service dog once the vest is put on, and this point can be proven due to the ability of anyone being able to purchase a ‘service dog’ vest off of amazon.

This option on amazon was not meant for people off the street being able to make the decision that suddenly their dog is well-trained enough to be the next best rescue dog. It was meant if someone lost their vest, a new trainee was officially allowed to wear one, or a vest got damaged and needed replaced.

Is this article really going to change the thought of someone wanting to do this themselves?

No, but I do hope that people will be able to see the videos and other articles that show that this choice can be damaging to real service dog families. One wrong decision and suddenly their is a fight in the mall when the real service dog, and fake service dog meet. There is no touching, there is no addressing, people know the rules from the age of being child. Yet, choices are made that can lead to injury between pet, and person.

If you see the vest, don’t touch.”

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