We started in an Entrepreneurial class, giving us the opportunity to create a business, Leashed Animal Photography.

Land of Lincoln CEO

Taken from the land of lincoln cEO Page

This is me, Lexi Hoffman. And yes, my website bio and CEO bio are extremely similar. If you’re going to be able to be found on the internet, might as have them find the same things instead of different descriptions of yourself.

When I first found an interest in the CEO class, I thought it was going to be completely different. Like any other class, I thought we were going to be sitting in classrooms, taking notes, and being bored. But, it still caught my eye. Plus, I was becoming a Junior. I wanted to try something new, that not a lot of kids had tried at my school. From my knowledge, only one student from Olympia had been in the CEO class from the time in started.

So I grabbed my friend and we went to meet the CEO class, and it was extremely interesting. They were sitting in a circle of tables with laptops open, shirts tucked in, and name tents up. It seemed at first that they were talking to a sub. Till they started asking the real questions.

“How does this fit into Logan County’s market?”

“What would you recommend to young entrepreneurs?”

“How did you come up with an idea like this, and did you expect it to work the way it did?”

I was intrigued, yet my shy-self didn’t know how to react when us (as the crowd) was asked if we had any questions, when none of us answered all the students in CEO class stood up and shook the presenter’s hand. They acted like adults at the ages of 17-18, not what I was expecting to see.

And from then on, I joined the class through the application process of an essay and references. Today, we are in our second semester, and third home base. The basement of Integrity Data, where we our discussing our big business. A Murder Mystery Gala, and our individual businesses that are created by the students themselves.

That’s Where Leashed Comes In..

I began working on my individual business early, I wanted to make sure I had enough funds at the time to support myself and get the things I needed before the slow months of winter. I got my business cards, banner, and other items that are needed for a trade show in May.

Leashed came to me as an easy idea that I knew I could get the ball rolling for, and that idea would eventually fund a bigger/better business. So far it’s working, I’m getting my name out there, talking to shelters to do voluntary photos for them, presenting my business every-time I present myself, and using social media to my advantage.

Creating my own business while being in school, and being apart of activities has truly shown me what I’m capable of. It has also lead me down the path of mentors that truly want to see me succeed, some I’m paired with, others I’ve met in brief conversations. Either or, they see the excitement in me, which makes them become excited for me. I want to see Leashed go far, and I believe I can do it.

A Danvers high-school student, that has joined a CEO program to gain new connections, and become a good representative of leadership to her class, friends, and everyone she meets. She is a writer, research-fanatic, and lover of animals. Currently involved in volleyball, soccer, and almost every football game she can make it to. Having the opportunity to be in CEO, and create Leashed Animal Photography has shown Lexi the world of business in a new perspective.